Episode 70 - Star Fox, Star Fox 64 & Star Fox 2


This month, Rich (singlebanana) and Shawn (GrayGhost81) discuss three games from Nintendo's popular Star Fox franchise: the original Star Fox on the Super Nintendo, Star Fox 64, and the previously unreleased Star Fox 2. The guys go through the ins and outs of these shooters as they discuss the stories, the gameplay, the graphics, the music, and which of the three titles is their favorite. While Shawn is a fan and veteran of the series, Rich only dabbled in the original game when he was younger and had a less favorable opinion of the game. Will these games hold up for Shawn? And will playing the newer iterations of the Star Fox series change Rich's mind? Tune in to find out!

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Episode 70 discussion thread: http://www.rfgeneration.com/forum/index.php?topic=19276.0

Show Notes:
Intro - 00:01:00
Bulls#$tin' & What's New - 00:04:05
ConcertCast - 00:21:30
News - 01:07:51
Pickups - 01:15:30
Whatcha Playin' - 01:32:00
Question of the Month - 01:45:35
Star Fox Games Discussion - 1:53:10
Upcoming Titles - 03:00:28
Outro - 03:07:23

Opening/Closing theme by Cameron Johnson of Atma Weapon (http://atmaweaponnc.bandcamp.com

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