Episode 10 - Kid Icarus & 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand


We're kicking off the new year with an NES classic and what we all consider a sleeper hit on the PS3/X360. In this episode Rich shares a gaming memory that didn't end well for his bedroom window and Floyd gets lost driving down a straight road.

On the retro side Rich is joined by new co-host Steven (aka Disposed Hero) and our friend from the Collectorcast, Duke.Togo to discuss Kid Icarus. They share their memories of playing the game as kids and compare the North American release to the Famicom Disk System version. Next, Shawn surprises Floyd, Steven, and Rich with 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. We talk about this under-appreciated game for the modern segment.

Intro 0:0:25 
Kid Icarus 0:2:10 
50 Cent: BotS 1:23:41 
Outro 2:11:12

Opening/closing music by Cameron Johnson of Atma Weapon -  http://atmaweaponnc.bandcamp.com/

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