Episode 20 - Secret of Evermore & Gravity Rush


Join RFGeneration Playcast hosts, Rich (singlebanana), Shawn (GrayGhost81), Floyd (Fleach), and Steven (Disposed Hero) as we discuss November's retro and modern playthroughs.  On the retro side, Rich, Floyd, and Steven discuss the first Square title actually developed in the U.S. (though it never made it to Japan) Secret of Evermore for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In the modern segment, Shawn and Steven discuss one of the most acclaimed games for the Playstation Vita, the action-packed Gravity Rush. We hope you enjoy our show, and please join our discussion on our discussion thread linked below.  Also, be sure to rate and write a review of the show on iTunes to help us increase our listenership.  

Show Notes:
Intro 0:00:32
Secret of Evermore 0:02:00
Gravity Rush 1:34:08
Conclusion 2:42:47

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