SideCast One - E3 2016


I'm sorry (not so sorry) to say that what you are about to hear is not the Illuision of Gaia playthrough podcast that you might have been anticipating.  No worries though, that will be available for your listening pleasure in just a few more days.  In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy this special recording that the guys and I did for E3 2016.  After watching the pressers and some of the trailers surrounding this year's event, the guys and I kept going back and forth texting about games and other things that interested us about the event.  Finally, we just decided, why not just set a time, switch on the mics, and talk candidly about our experience and the releases that we are looking forward to?  We sincerely hope that you enjoy our take on the event and items presented over that week, and if feedback is positive, we may consider more sidecasts like this in the future.  Thanks for listening!

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Sidecast #1 (E3) discussion thread:
Show Notes:
Intro - 0:00:24
Microsoft - 0:05:30
Sony - 0:40:30
Nintendo - 1:38:04
Bethesda - 2:20:31
Ubisoft - 2:28:11
EA - 2:51:11
Misc. - 3:09:06

Opening/Closing theme by Cameron Johnson of Atma Weapon (

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