SideCast Two - Pokemon GO


Last month's SideCast for E3 2016 was a product of our excitement over the event and our first attempt at getting together to discuss something other than our experiences with a game.  Little did we know that something announced at that event would come out of the blue and have such a huge impact on three of our members.  During this SideCast #2, join singlebanana, GrayGhost81, and Fleach, as they discuss the worldly, mobile gaming sensation, Pokemon GO. How have we been progressing through the game in it's first few weeks, what features do we like and which do think need improvement,and what is it that makes some of us (who previously had no love for Pokemon) fans of this AR experience?  So join us as we recount our early efforts to catch 'em all and dissect what it is about this game that has people excited throughout the world.  Is this app merely a fad, or something that could have significant staying power?  Thanks for listening!

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SideCast #2 (Pokemon GO) discussion thread:

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